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LADWP Submeter West Hills, CA

August 11, 2009

Did you know you can save a lot of money on your water bill? The city of Los Angeles has a submeter program that allows you to save on your water bill each month by installing an LADWP submeter to separate your Irrigation, Pool Water, car wash water etc. from the water you use inside your house. The LADWP has a separate sewer charge on all the water you use unless you install a submeter, you’re paying for the sewer charge on the water you use to sprinkle your lawn, wash your car or fill your pool. They do give you an estimated allotment for irrigation, but to make sure you are getting the correct charges on your bill you need to install a submeter. Most customers see the submeter pay for itself with the savings on their bill within a year or two, and then save money on every LADWP bill after that! I just love Plumbing that pays for itself! Another job done by your friendly West Hills, CA Plumber!

West Hills, CA Toilet repair

August 8, 2009

Repaired a toilet in West Hills, CA yesterday. The toilet was running constantly and making weird noises. I replaced the Flapper, the shut off valve, the supply line and the Ballcock, which I refer to as the “Water Measuring Device” in polite company. I gave the repair our standard One year parts and labor warranty. Another satisfied customer, another job well done by your friendly West Hills Plumber!