Leak Under Sink in Van Nuys, CA

Went out on a leak under sink call in Van Nuys, Ca yesterday. The tenants had been putting off the leaking pipe repair for a while because they were worried the Landlord would blame them for the plumbing problems. Note to all renters: Please call your landlord when you have a leak, water leaks cause a lot more damage if you don’t repair them right away. In this case, the garbage disposal was so degraded from the leak, that it crumbled to pieces when trying to disconnect the pipes. The leak had been around long enough to rust out all the piping and garbage disposal under the sink, damaged the cabinet and caused mold damage inside the wall. Needless to say, a small leak, turned in to a big job. Like good ol’ Ben Franklin once said, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Another job done by your friendly Van Nuys Plumber

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