Toilet Replacement in Van Nuys, CA

Replaced a Toilet in Van Nuys, CA yesterday. Their old toilet just wasn’t flushing right. they had one of those early model 1.6 gallon toilets that just couldn’t do the job without 2 or 3 flushes. How irritating is that! You want to save water, but your low flow toilet needs 2-3 flushes to get the job done right! Well, they are making better 1.6 gallon toilets these days.
Want to see the best 1.6 gallon toilet in action? Just click here and scroll down the page a bit, the video starts playing on it’s own. Why do I say this toilet is the best? It’s the best because not only does it flush well, it flushes quietly and has easy to find, easy to replace parts. Some of the other new 1.6 gallon toilets flush great, but they have hard to find parts or a noisy flush. Two very important points to consider when selecting a toilet you will probably have for 10-25 years. Another point from your friendly Van Nuys, CA Plumbers!

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